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A bit of a mine field. We wanted to know how people wanted to receive their statements.

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a lot of different answers from the Crowd.

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that people have very different opinions on changing the way they receive statements.

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We Asked

One Tuesday afternoon, we asked a question.

Crowd Responded

In 20 minutes, we had over 50 responses. Our Crowd had spoken.

We Learnt

Some interesting insights had come from what the Crowd told us.

Would you prefer a digital or paper based superannuation statement and why?

— to the Crowd

What we asked

Question Quota & Times

Quota: 50 Responses

Open: 12:16PM December 23rd 2014

Close: 12:33PM December 23rd 2014

50 Responses, from all around Australia, in 17 minutes.

Title & Question

Title: Superannuation

Question: Would you prefer a digital or paper based superannuation statement and why?

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Age: 18 to 80

State: Aus Wide

Gender: M & F

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Key Insights

Insight 1: Many people prefer being able to access digital copies because it is easily stored.

Insight 2: A common concern for digital is that it can possibly be ‘lost’.

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What we were told

Some examples of what the Crowd told us.
Response Gender Age State
I would prefer a digital statement because I would prefer to save the paper used in printing the alternative paper one. I can still choose to print it if I wish. Male 20 QLD
I prefer mine to be digital base so I can access it any time and print it whenever I want to. Female 41 VIC
Paper based as if the digital copy got wiped it will be lost forever Female 32 QLD
I prefer my statements digital. There are environmental reasons, however I always scan important documents and store them that way. A pdf copy directly would assist with this. Female 40 WA
A digital based superannuation statement is helpful to me as I prefer to reduce the clutter in my home. It also helps when I need to search through past records as I can do multiple searches at one go. Male 26 NSW
Because it comes out once a year, and usually with other documentation, i prefer a paper statement. if it was monthly, digital would be the go. Male 54 VIC
I would prefer a digital statement. Digital copies are easy to store and take no physical space. When ready to print them that is easy too Male 38 NSW
I would prefer a paper based super as it is easier to store and retrive and it can be scanned to become a digital file. Male 20 TAS
NI would much prefer a digital statement. That way I wouldn’t have to keep paper statements. I keep everything saved online anyway and that’s where/how I do most things (like banking etc). I would like to have everything saved together online and accessible at any time, ie digital copies. Female 34 WA
Definitely prefer a digital statement. You get so many statements and paperwork in the mail it is hard to keep up. Most times paper statements are glanced at then discarded – then you can’t find them when you need them! If statements were sent digitally, copies could be saved on your personal computer, printed only if needed and far easier to search for. This is also more environmentally conscious. The best solution would be to also have an online link/login/server where you could access the statements if required. Female 31 QLD
I personally perfer paper statements for all my accounts as it gives me a greater record of all my finances at hand without having to log on to different accounts each time I like to see what a statement has in it. However recently online statements that have a good printer friendly versions available are more preferable.. Male 33 SA
I would prefer a digital/electronic superannuation statement, and if i need a hard copy i could print it myself. Why? It is less bulk in our homes and saves the environment too Female 33 QLD
Digital is always better as I can access the information immediately from anywhere in the world. And I can continue to access it immediately as I want it. Female 35 QLD
Paper copy. I always seem to lose digital copies in my emails and if I change laptops. Paper copies are much easier to keep a track of. Female 21 VIC
I would prefer a paper-based superannuation statement, because there is always the possibility that my computer may go down. They are not always reliable. Female 77 VIC

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