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about youth homelessness in Australia.

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We Asked

One Thursday afternoon, we asked a question.

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In 20 minutes, we had over 50 responses. Our Crowd had spoken.

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Some interesting insights had come from what the Crowd told us.

Do you think that youth homelessness is an important issue in Australia? Why or why not?

— to the Crowd

What we asked

Question Quota & Times

Quota: 50 Responses

Open: 3:42PM January 29th 2015

Close: 4:03PM January 29th 2015

50 Responses, from all around Australia, in 21 minutes.

Title & Question

Title: Homelessness

Question: Do you think that youth homelessness is an important issue in Australia? Why or why not?

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Age: 18 to 35

State: Aus Wide

Gender: M & F

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Key Insights

Insight 1: Many people believe it is an important issue for Australia’s future.

Insight 2: Safety is a key concern people have for homeless people.

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What we were told

Some examples of what the Crowd told us.
Response Gender Age State
Yes, the social mobility of our youth now affects our national future. Male 20 QLD
All homelessness is an issue because they don’t have proper care. Male 21 QLD
Yes if it isn’t addressed it will get worse in every generation. Male 26 NSW
Youths deserve to be free, not on the streets fending for themselves. Female 20 VIC
Yes – so many homeless people. Everyone needs a dry, safe place to sleep. Female 27 QLD
I have not seen first hand evidence that it is a problem in Australia. Male 32 NSW
Major issue! needs to be looked at more seriously these kids need a future! Female 25 NSW
Absolutely! Causes trust, health & safety issues, can’t recover or grow Female 33 VIC
Yes. there is not enough support to assist them when this happens Male 26 NSW
No. There are other more imminent issues. Male 26 NSW
I think it’s very important. Every human being deserves shelter and safety Female 25 VIC
Yes. They are people and everyone needs to help. Female 22 NSW
Yes. In a first world country, everyone should have access to housing. Male 28 VIC
Yes The young people have no support and guidance when they need it. Male 34 NSW
Yes we need more shelters Female 26 ACT

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