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Would you allow technology which monitors your driving habits to be installed in your car to lower the cost of your insurance premium? Why or why not?

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Quota: 50 Responses

Open: 4:21PM December 12th 2014

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50 Responses, from all around Australia, in 22 minutes.

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Title: Car Insurance Premium

Question: Would you allow technology which monitors your driving habits to be installed in your car to lower the cost of your insurance premium? Why or why not?

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Insight 1: Privacy is a major concern for many people.

Insight 2: Saving money is a key influencer in considering new offers.

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What we were told

Some examples of what the Crowd told us.
Response Gender Age State
No. It’s another ‘big brother’ is watching scenario. What about privacy. Accidents are the obvious thing to bad driving which are already monitored by insurance companies Female 33 NSW
Yes if it shows that you are a careful driver and it lowered your premium I would be all for it. Female 39 TAS
Yes- as long as I also get the results and it would save me time in applying/renewing my car insurance. Female 33 VIC
Depends on what the technology was analyzing – speed, video of front/back of the car etc. Video yes definitely, audio no, speed perhaps. If it meant lower premiums I would consider it. Female 43 QLD
Definitely. I am pro tech and reducing costs. Have paid a lot in insurance but never claimed. Male 36 NSW
Yes i would allow this technology. I think it is a great idea as nobody accepts liability for anything anymore. It would also help show what happens at the time of any incidents. But I would want to see what the discounted premium is and who pays for the technology. Male 32 NSW
I would allow technology to monitor my driving so I could pay lower premiums. I don’t drive very much or very far, so I think I would benefit a great deal from this. I think I drive safely so I’d be glad to be monitored so I wouldn’t have to pay so much for something I never have had to use. Female 48 NSW
No. I’d be suspicious that it was recording way too much of my information and habits, and that this information could then be on-sold for advertising purposes. The discount I’d require to allow this type of device in my car would exceed the cost of my total premium. Male 36 VIC
No I would not like this as I feel the information would be utalised for other research and I don’t like that. Female 33 VIC
Yes. If it means that the cost of my insurance premium is lowered than sure, however I would question how the technology works and if this will interfere with my driving for safety reasons. Female 27 VIC
No I wouldn’t. I believe that it’s an invasion of privacy. I think you should receive the best possible price already instead of having so called “discounts” for not claiming etc. Male 33 SA
Yes if it would affect my premium significantly then I would allow it. It would also make you think twice about any reckless driving Female 38 VIC
No because it’s an invasion of privacy Female 37 NSW
No, probably not. It gets a little “big brother” with driving habits being monitored in that way. While the principle of lower premiums is a good one, the ramifications on tracking movements in this way has the potential to get out of hand. Male 39 VIC
Yes it would encourage safer behaviour and cheaper premiums but depending on the type of technology and how invasive it was.. Female 26 VIC

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