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What would motivate you to install your own garage door opener (roller door lifter) as opposed to using a professional installer? What factors other than price might influence your decision to do it yourself (DIY)?

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Quota: 200 Responses

Open: 12:31PM May 25th 2015

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200 Responses, from all around Australia, in 46 minutes.

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Title: Garage door openers

Question: What would motivate you to install your own garage door opener (roller door lifter) as opposed to using a professional installer? What factors other than price might influence your decision to do it yourself (DIY)?

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Key Insights

Insight 1: Other than price, ease and safety are key concerns for DIY.

Insight 2: Many people would be motivated to DIY pending sufficient instruction and support.

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What we were told

Some examples of what the Crowd told us.
Response Gender Age State
It would be good to save money but I would have to hire someone or get a family member to do it as I’m not proficient in installing something like that. I think it would be better to get a warranty by getting a pro to do it. Female 47 NSW
Nothing – I would be worried about warranty should something go wrong. Male 48 WA
Savings in price would motivate me to do it myself. Others factors such as ease of installation and a great set of instructions would also influence me. Male 40 QLD
Price would be the biggest determinant. After that, I would be prepared to do it myself if I was assured that it was fairly straightforward. Also that there was technical support available to help me out if I stuffed it up! The message would have to respectful though, and humorous, not condescending to women. Female 56 VIC
I’d definitely need something more than a poorly descriptive document or manual – a series of online videos of the roller door being installed in different situations would make a DIY a lot simpler. Male 40 WA
I could not install a roller door lifter because of the weight problem. I am a DIY person and also am an Electrician and am good at getting things done but unless some thing could be worked out about getting the lifting device in place I would not tackle the job. Male 70 NSW
I don’t think anything would motivate me install my own garage door opener but if the instructions and the item were easy and straight forward it might sway my decision. Female 36 VIC
It would have to come with Very clean instructions, including all parts required ( Bolts etc to secure everything). The other thing that would help is a Video explaining the steps involved and maybe a phone number for any questions that may come up. Male 45 VIC
Price and quality of the DIY instructions would be main drivers for self installation. I’m a confident DIY’er but if its only marginally cheaper to self install, I’d get professionally installed as my time is worth something! Male 46 NSW
If it was a super easy to DIY then i’d give it a go – but would be a great to have an easily booked backup for installation if it was too difficult. Female 46 NSW
If it was a universal system and had very clear instructions to follow. It would also need to be very clear about what you need prior to purchase like power sources, tools required. Female 30 TAS
The only time is if everything was as simple as plug it in! Otherwise leave it to the professionals Thanks Male 44 VIC
Ease of installation. Clear instructions Covered under warranty and not affect my Home and Contents insurance Option to pay for installation if unable to DIY Male 38 NSW
Well I would do it myself if I was sure that it would be correct otherwise I would use professional installer to get accurate job regardless of the cost involves. Female 68 SA
Ease of installation. No need for specialised tools or equipment. Assured capability to do the job (raising the door that is). Availability of assistance (on-line/telephone) in case of difficulty. Adequate and understandable instructions. Video demo (on-line or supplied) Male 71 VIC

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