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There’s a lot of things Australians value, and a lot of things they don’t.

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Do you shop at department stores? If so, what is it about the experience that you value? If not, why do you not shop at a department store and what would make you change your opinion?

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Quota: 50 Responses

Open: 4:53PM May 31st 2015

Close: 5:11PM May 31st 2015

50 Responses, from all around Australia, in 18 minutes.

Title & Question

Title: Department store shopping

Question: Do you shop at department stores? If so, what is it about the experience that you value? If not, why do you not shop at a department store and what would make you change your opinion?

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Key Insights

Insight 1: People value good customer service the most.

Insight 2: Insufficient amount of staff members is a deterrent.

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What we were told

Some examples of what the Crowd told us.
Response Gender Age State
I shop at department stores to save time. I can shop across a variety of categories without having to go from store to store. This means that loyalty points aren’t spread over a lot of stores too, so rewards can read more quickly. The service and after-purchase care can be better with a larger store. Male 42 NSW
I shop all the time, It is about going into a store, personalised service, being able to try on stuff before you buy and all of this cannot be obtained through online shopping. Female 31 VIC
Customer service is key to a good shopping experience. Id rather pay more for good customer service skills. I shop at department stores a few times a week. I have children as well. So tolerance of them goes a long way. Female 30 NSW
I do shop at department stores when I have some money to spend. I value the face to face interaction when I go shopping in a department store rather than by any other means. That’s what makes it a lovely personal experience. Female 44 SA
Rarely visit large department stores. Tend to find lack of customer service – few staff available for questions. Would need more customer focus in terms of staff member available to assist in product choice or sizing, model features, colour etc. Female 62 VIC
I prefer shopping in a Department Store for the Face to Face interaction of purchasing. If you actually get served by a Person, you can ask any questions you may have about the Products or get personal experiences of the Product Male 36 VIC
Yes I shop at department stores. What I value about the experience is having knowledgeable staff assists with purchases. Also I still think it’s best to try things before you buy them. Male 32 VIC
When I shop in a department store I value the service, it’s nice having help finding things in store Male 29 QLD
I am shopping in department stores less and less as I can generally find what i want online much easier and at a better price also my local department stores have very poor customer service with no sales assistants ever on a register so even if i find something i like there is no one to pay my money to. Female 43 NSW
I love department stores but experiences vary I will always go back to stores where they actually help you, bad experiences are when they are not there to assist and give advice. A lot of them just don’t care Male 36 NSW
Yes. I do shop at department stores. I shop at Myers and david Jones. I like being able to access lots of different things in the one space. Yesterday for example I went to david Jones looking for business shirts for my husband but I also looked at clothes for me, makeup for me and socks and jocks for my sons. Different ranges on different floors but within the one handy location. On occasion it can be difficult to find someone to serve you and I think that is the main problem with department stores – they can be cavernous but generally I like them very much Female 50 VIC
I shop at department stores occasionally. I like the variety of brands/products available under one roof, mostly of higher quality. These days the major department stores have items on sale more often. Although I have found that Myer has less staff available on the floors, however, when you get their attention they are mostly quite knowledgeable in the products they sell.. Male 35 NSW
I don’t often shop in them, but would if they were closer to the area I lived in. I think they are a great one stop shop and are authentically pleasing to walk through. More obvious staff/information areas in differing departments would make it easier to shop in them Female 37 VIC
I do shop at department stores and I value professional customer service and variety in the products offered. I would shop in the D . Stores more if the prices weren’t so high though. Male 36 NSW
I shop at department stores because it’s great value for money. With 3 kids, value for money is important. They also have great customer service, most of the time. Female 33 SA

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