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What do you see as your next biggest hurdle to advancing your career? What advice would help you overcome that hurdle?

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Quota: 50 Responses

Open: 3:03PM June 24th 2015

Close: 3:23PM June 24th 2015

50 Responses, from all around Australia, in 20 minutes.

Title & Question

Title: Career Progression

Question: What do you see as your next biggest hurdle to advancing your career? What advice would help you overcome that hurdle?

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Age: 25 to 40

State: Aus Wide

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Key Insights

Insight 1: Many people value advice on how to maintain a good work/life balance.

Insight 2: A lot of people struggle with the decision to climb within an organisation or try to advance externally.

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What we were told

Some examples of what the Crowd told us.
Response Gender Age State
Next hurdle to my career progression is proper experience handling projects in order to be project manager. Currently being a project admin, I will try my level best to get more and more project coordinator related work from my manager so that when they fall short of people and more work comes in they will consider me for a project. Male 32 VIC
Working, studying and raising a family. How to achieve all this without stressing out. Female 39 TAS
The biggest hurdle for my career would be that I have now been in this industry for a while and quite well paid. The next logical positions in the industry are not what I am interested in and leaving the industry will mean a reduction in my wage. It would really help to almost have a potential career guide similar to what they have for school leavers to show how the qualifications and skills that I have could be used elsewhere. Male 34 NSW
How to juggle childcare hours with the hours my work wants me to work Female 30 NSW
Next biggest hurdle is lack of opportunity within current organisation, so I would most likely need to move to a new organisation to progress my career. Helpful advice would include how to prepare for such a transition. Male 35 VIC
Knowing what are the right things to be focusing on in my current role. What achievements will be valued in my next application. Mentoring and advice on how to work with my director to develop my tactical skills. Male 38 WA
biggest hurdle is understanding where biggest chance of advancement lies – i.e internal org or moving externally. So many factors contribute to this and advice from internal & external mentors to share their assessment would help Male 32 NSW
I am at the most senior level in my career now. However when I was progressing from Accountant, to senior account to manager to senior manager etc the biggest hurdle was confidence with dealing with clients, the only advice that helped with this was being mentored and exposed to more clients and more situations. Female 32 SA
I want to move interstate. And stay with the same organisation. However as I am part time, it will be hard to convince them to agree. Female 38 NSW
The biggest hurdle in my career is having to go university in my thirties to get an advanced diploma. The best advice would be you can do it! Be patient, work hard, stay focused and the results will come. Female 38 QLD
I look to progress my career in the next 12 months and look to shift careers completely. In the meantime I am completing small courses, weekend workshops and info sessions to get as much information as possible into the new direction. I would like more free online training and advice. Career change seminars. Biggest hurdle are the costs to new education. Female 32 VIC
Family commitments. Having the time available to do what is necessary. Female 33 NSW
I don’t have the finances to complete a course. I would appreciate advice about payment plans. Female 38 QLD
Time management and self belief. If you want something go for it! Female 29 WA
Getting a job is my biggest hurdle. I have studied for five years, only to graduate and find out there are no jobs in my field. Advice that I would like to receive is how likely I am to gain a job in my chosen field in each state and also whether the chances of employment are higher for regional positions. Female 33 SA

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