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To you, what is Priceline mostly known for? What do you shop for at Priceline? What products do you mostly purchase in the store? What stands out to you most when in the store at Priceline?

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Quota: 50 Responses

Open: 17:31PM March 20th 2017

Close: 17:58PM March 20th 2017

50 Responses, from all around Australia, in 27 minutes.

Title & Question

Title: Shopping at Priceline

Question: To you, what is Priceline mostly known for? What do you shop for at Priceline? What products do you mostly purchase in the store? What stands out to you most when in the store at Priceline?

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Age: 18 to 75

State: Aus Wide

Gender: Female

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Key Insights

Insight 1: People shop mostly for perfume and cosmetics.

Insight 2: The in store experience at Priceline seems to be very varied, with some customers referencing excellent customer service whilst others reference congestion and chaos.

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What we were told

Some examples of what the Crowd told us.
Response Gender Age State
To me Priceline is mostly known for cosmetics and beauty products/toiletries. I normally shop for hair products, nail polish, hair removal products, make up and make up
remover products and also sunscreen. When I shop in Priceline my attention is normally drawn to the nail polishes.
Female 30 VIC
Priceline is most known for the beauty special products. Normally I buy my hair care products and also by beauty care products as they have a big selection to choose from and have always specials. Mostly what stands out are the specials around the store makes me to look more to see if I can buy a bargain. Female 42 SA
Makeup and health things. The sheer number of items on display always stands out. Female 22 QLD
Priceline sells discount hair, beauty and perfume products as far as I am aware. I mainly shop for perfumes and hair products.In store I have found the displays a little busy and somewhat chaotic. I find it difficult to locate
what I’m looking for at times.
Female 44 VIC
I shop in Priceline for makeup ,deodorant ,special soaps and sometimes medications. What stands out is the shop is well organised and friendly. Female 76 NSW
To me mostly Priceline sells mostly beauty products. I shop for mostly beauty products and medications at Priceline. Priceline always have excellent promotions and wonderful customer service. Female 36 NSW
Cosmetics and skincare – that’s pretty much what I know them for and shop with them for. Wide range of cosmetic brands and nail care – and great offers. There is also a good range of hair care Female 30 VIC
Alll my nivea brands and mkeup Female 23 NSW
Good prices!!! I buy my son’s lip gloss and also a lovely moisturiser for myself – cant remember the brand at the moment but it comes from London Female 68 TAS
Most of the time I buy cosmetics and general personal care products. I also buy perfumes for presents because they tend to be reasonably priced. Female 55 NSW
Priceline is similar to a chemist. I purchase Beauty products and medicines.The large range of products stands out Female 36 VIC
I don’t shop at Priceline as I feel that their market is much younger than me. I am happy buying basic essentials and don’t want to spend extra for big name cosmetics. Female 44 VIC
Priceline is a chemist and makeup discount store. I shop there for makeup, perfume and toiletries. When I visit Priceline, the colour pink stands out the most. It’s a very feminine store. Female 50 VIC
I shop for ladies stuff. I shop for laundry detergents on sale. Medication is great to get there. Priceline to me means cosmetics make ups perfumes. Everything from perfumes hair accessories stand out for me. Female 35 NSW
To me it is make-up, i have always purchased my make-up at Priceline, they are my first thought when i need a new item, I also recently started purchasing medication, but do not
always think of it
Female 40 ACT

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