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Just how much does NAB’s Philanthropic and Charitable activities influence buyer decisions?

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NAB’s Charity Activities

What is your opinion of National Australia Bank’s philanthropic / charitable activities and does it influence your decision to acquire a credit card or home loan from them?

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Quota: 50 Responses

Open: 4:01PM October 7th 2015

Close: 4:21PM October 7th 2015

50 Responses, from all around Australia, in 20 minutes.

Title & Question

Title: NAB’s Charity Activities

Question: What is your opinion of National Australia Bank’s philanthropic / charitable activities and does it influence your decision to acquire a credit card or home loan from them?

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Key Insights

Insight 1: Many people aren’t aware of NAB’s charitable activities.

Insight 2: Charitable activities have some impact on decision.

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Response Gender Age State
No matter what charitable functions any bank undertakes, at the end of the day it matters most what sort of conditions they offer and how competitive the rates are. While it is commendable if banks get involved with charity, if it comes to a home loan the conditions matter over charity Female 37 WA
No it doesn’t affect who I choose Male 31 NSW
I don’t know much about their activities. I would acquire a credit card or loan from NAB if they offered the best rates and terms, nothing to do wither their charity work. Female 32 SA
I think it is a fantastic idea but for me it really doesn’t influence my decisions at all to be honest. Male 42 SA
I think it’s a great thing they are doing. As I do any company that does this sort of thing. But no it does not influence me to use the bank. Low rates does that :) and ease of transactions. Female 32 QLD
I really appreciate these activities . Yes it does Female 26 QLD
I was unaware of any charity activities but it wouldn’t make a difference to me as lower interest rates and no annual card fees are more important to me. Female 36 NSW
I think the charitable activities are great, however I would still look at whether their products are the best for my needs over this. When ever I have enquired with them re home loan, car loan etc I have always found a better deal for my situation elsewhere. Female 28 QLD
I don’t know what their charity contributions are and they would have zero impact on if I were to bank with them or not. Female 35 NSW
I was unaware of NAB’s philanthropic activities. Upon further investigation I would seriously consider using them as a bank knowing that they were “putting back into the community ” as it were rather than just feeding the fat cats. However regional availability of branches also, staff availability and great rates are also key factors Male 43 SA
I think it is great to see. However i have been with bendigo bank for an extremely long time and they also do a great job in the community. I dont think i will ever change from them Male 22 VIC
I do not currently require a credit card, but I am interested in a home loan. The charitable work of NAB does not influence my decision to get a credit card or home loan from NAB. I would consider other factors such as interest rates and benefits to first home buyers. Female 24 VIC
Unaware of any particular charitable activities. Contributions to good causes would definitely positively influence my use of NAB services. Female 56 VIC
I have never been involved in their charitable or philanthropic ventures and no it has no influence over my view to shop with them Male 26 QLD
It does not impact my decision- typically it comes down to best interest rates and charges Male 41 NSW

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