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We Asked

One Monday afternoon, we asked a question.

Crowd Responded

In 53 minutes, we had 50 responses. Our Crowd had spoken.

We Learnt

Some interesting insights had come from what the Crowd told us.

When buying work wear and safety wear, how do you prefer to make your purchase? Online or in store? Explain your preference. How easy is it for you to find the right work wear and to ultimately make the purchase?

— to the Crowd

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What we asked

Question Quota & Times

Quota: 50 Responses

Open: 1:08PM July 3rd 2017

Close: 2:01PM July 3rd 2017

50 Responses, from males all around Australia, in 53 minutes.

Title & Question

Title: Work and Safety Wear

Question: When buying work wear and safety wear, how do you prefer to make your purchase? Online or in store? Explain your preference. How easy is it for you to find the right work wear and to ultimately make the purchase?

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Age: 18 to 75

State: AUS Wide

Gender: M

Postcodes: No Filter

Socio-economic: No Filter

Trait Group: No Filter

Key Insights

Insight 1: The ability to shop online and in store are equally demanded by Australians.

Insight 2: Many people go online to research about the item they want to buy before going in store to make their purchase.

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What we were told

Some examples of what the Crowd told us.
Response Gender Age State
I prefer to go online. I am able to search for a lot more items and make comparisons of products. In addition I can read about product benefits and specifications and compare by
printing info and comparing quality as well as price. I also can order from overseas.
Male 42 NSW
Luckily we have a workwear shop that sells most of the products I need personally, usually look for a well known brand with a good reputation and as long as the products are durable and comfortable Male 38 NT
In store so I can decide between price and quality. Generally pretty easy to make the decision. Male 32 VIC
Definitely in store. I’ve had bad experiences purchasing clothing / shoes etc online. Male 39 VIC
I prefer to buy in store as I am quite tall, hence I like to make sure the leg length is correct before buying. I prefer the prices online as workwear seems to be quite expensive especially for trousers. Male 37 WA
Unfortunately, my employer makes all my choices for me, I am not allowed to choose what I get. The only thing I get a choice in, is my safety glasses, because they are prescription glasses. This choice is mostly made on price though, because they are so expensive. Male 50 SA
Definitely I purchase in store as I’ve tried online and it’s difficult to get the correct fit. I find there is plenty of options around but I tend to stick with Hard Yakka as I know the brand. Male 39 VIC
In store as I can try on the gear and equipment and its more personalised. Male 33 NSW
It’s easy as I just go to Bunnings and visually see the product I need to get but will do my research online for the reviews. Male 35 NSW
For safety and workwear I fall into the quickest and easiest. For me that would be purchased in a physical store as I would generally need advise prior to purchase. Male 40 NSW
Definitely in store. I’m going to be spending a lot of time in the safety gear and I need to make sure it is the right size and comfortable Male 43 QLD
I buy online or from a store. sometimes its more convenient to order online. however, when buying shoes for example i like to go to the store to try them on…
It depends if you know the brand. If you buy the same size of the same brand then you know it will fit. If this is the case then it’s relatively easy to make a purchase
Male 52 SA
My needs for work wear vary between trousers and shirts, over to shorts/jeans/t-shirt and hoodie. I make all my purchases in-store because I am a difficult fit, and when I’m buying generally the best fit for the best price is my primary concern. Male 34 VIC
I like to browse an online or hardback brochure. But when I come to make my purchase I prefer to actually look at and try on the items that I am interested in. Particularly if I am buying for my team as well. Male 42 NSW
If we need it straight away we go instore otherwise it gets ordered online Male 28 NSW

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