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which advertisement first comes to mind?

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It’s not always the biggest companies that have the most memorable ads.

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What is the first advertisement that comes into your mind and why?

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What we asked

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Quota: 2000 Responses

Open: 4:18PM February 25th 2014

Close: 6:31PM February 25th 2014

2367 Responses, from all around Australia, in 2 hours, 13 minutes.

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Title: Advertising

Question: What is the first advertisement that comes into your mind and why?

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State: Aus Wide

Gender: M & F

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Key Insights

Insight 1: People will remember jingles, even if they’re annoying.

Insight 2: Advertising campaigns based on humor or entertainment are often remembered.

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What we were told

Some examples of what the Crowd told us.
Response Gender Age State
AAMI ad with Rhonda and Ketut. Probably because such a fuss was made about it and its been continuing on for over a year now and its still so funny. Female 20 VIC
Reading writing hotline. It has a jingle that is extremely well-known. If a company can leave something with the viewer that they will remember easily, it is effective. Male 21 VIC
The libra add the one where the girls boyfriend is dressed up in pads playing Star Wars . It is hilarious, I love it!!! Female 37 VIC
RSPCA with animals walking across the screen. Very cute Female 34 VIC
Coles “down down prices are down” Because: Frequency of ads The theme song is catchy although somewhat annoying I tend to shop at Coles for groceries Other people sing the song and talk about it too The famous hand shape is very well known now and appears everywhere Male 26 VIC
cadbury ad with drumming gorilla. uses a well known song and humor Female 28 WA
McDonalds because of the annoying song and ridiculous dancing. It proves even bad advertising works! Male 49 QLD
IThink the best advertisements & one that I think of are alcohol ones. is it extra dry beer with the deers. They are creative but obviously have money to spend. Billboard or magazines would be Expedia or bookings beautiful pictures or the yellow pages because they are eye catching bright yellow. Female 30 NSW
The new advertisement on TV for I think it’s hilarious and so cleverly put together. Very witty. Makes me laugh every time. Female 28 NSW
Samsung Galaxy S4. I have the ‘I don’t Care’ song in my head for some unknown reason so that is obviously the first ad that came up Male 46 NSW
The Carlton Draught its a big ad. It was funny and memorable due to its shear size, energy and Aussie relateability Male 20 WA
AAMI Rhonda ads. The story line is one that sucks you in, it’s a bit fun, less serious and at least it tries to entertain. Male 39 VIC
Aldi advertisements on television. They are smart and funny, and are always more about advertising their products and prices rather than advertising their company (such as other companies do like Coles and Woolies). Their approach to advertising is very clever and relates to their consumers well. I find them very enjoyable to watch! Female 23 QLD
Hotels combined ad. It makes me laugh so I remember the ad Male 34 NSW
Coles prices are down. because Ive seen it often on television and it has a simple catchy line to remember Female 20 VIC

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