Need some new ideas? We’ve got just the answer

Ideas 1

Ideas. They’ve brought us the baby mop, pizza scissors and even the full body umbrella. But what’s ideation, and what’s it got to do with AnswerCrowd?

Ideation is the process of creating or gathering new ideas from a group of people. We thought it might be a great way to help you get a whole heap of information from the AnswerCrowd audience, so we’ve developed a way to make it happen and called it My Ideas.

With the My Ideas addition, you’re able to:

  • Ask open ended questions with a simplified interface
  • Request ideas from the crowd without too much structure or restriction
  • Upload images and refer to external data sources

How does this happen? Easy.

  • Click on “New Ideas” on the left hand side of your screen
  • Be taken through a quick wizard which will ask you the pertinent questions
  • Submit the idea request to the crowd

The great news is that the responses will come in at the same rate that normal responses come in, perhaps even faster! The ideas are then found in your “My Ideas” section of the platform on the left of the screen.

Log in now to find out where new ideas could take your business.

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