Don’t forget the Seasol!


Don’t forget the Seasol! We’re excited to welcome the newest member of the AnswerCrowd family, Seasol! The iconic Australian brand, known country wide for its range of garden fertilisers, has decided to step up their market research capabilities with AnswerCrowd. Ever gardened before? A respected member of the gardening world, Seasol, has been providing Australians with […]

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A brush with success

Untitled design

So many clients. So many answers. This week we’re celebrating one of our client success stories: Monarch. Monarch came to us because they wanted to launch a new range of brushes for painting wood. The market is pretty saturated and Monarch already has an existing and extensive range of brushes, so they needed to ensure […]

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Melbourne Rebels get crowded with AnswerCrowd

The Melbourne Rebels launch The Rebels Crowd with AnswerCrowd

The crowds are building over at the Melbourne Rebels … … with the new Rebels Crowd supported by AnswerCrowd! The Melbourne Rebels have partnered with AnswerCrowd to launch their own private crowd, the Rebels Crowd. Engaging supporters from the most casual to most dedicated, The Melbourne Rebels are getting feedback and opinion in real time! Participants in the […]

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