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Our crowd gives access to a diverse range of enthusiastic consumers who enjoy having their voices heard by the brands and organisations that they buy from.

Buyer Influence

AnswerCrowd’s Buyer Influence Report helps brands range their products with instantly delivered consumer feedback validating your product or brand.

Product Improvement

Improve your products with real, honest feedback from real Australians, in Real Time. Make real, justified improvements to sell more, instantly.

Instant Feedback

AnswerCrowd technology puts your questions and ideas in front of a crowd in real-time, eliminating the wait that comes with traditional market research.

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Real-time Market Research

Collect the data you need, when you need it.

AnswerCrowd Crowd members are notified the instant a question is published, then it’s a race to complete the question before the quota is hit and the question closes.

AnswerCrowd Crowd members are notified the instant a questions is published. The size and variety of our crowd ensures that our customers questions are answered promptly and by the segments that they want to hear from.
Get your market research in minutes and hours, not weeks and months.

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Realtime Market Research

Market Research Online

On Demand Quality Feedback

AnswerCrowd delivers consumer feedback straight to your desk, whenever you need it

Bring consumers virtually into the board room for product development, campaign inspiration or simply get some inspiration from the Crowd.

Verbose, high quality responses to any question you have, at your demand.

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Custom Segments and Size

Access the exact segments you need, on demand.

Demographic & socio-economic segments available on demand; custom, real-time segments on ANY attribute you define available in hours.

Choose the right people for your requirements, directly through your browser.

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On Demand Market Research

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